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Write It, Create It & Believe It is the overarching theme of the Professor Credo® brand. You're encouraged to write down your goals, use your creativity to spark new ideas, and believe that anything is possible through a commitment and a plan to make it happen.


While working on her dissertation in 2014, Professor Credo® creator,

Dr. Felicia L. Townsend, took a coffee break and started to doodle an image of a whimsical character with flyaway hair, bold eyeglasses and colorful bow tie. She decided that she would use this charming character to motivate others to reach their goals while bringing a smile to their face.  


Professor Credo® has come a long way from being just a hand-drawn image. Customers can choose from a host of products that include inspiring messages. 


We hope you find a few things you like. Enjoy!



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