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Professor Credo® Doodle & Write 5.5" x 8.5" journal is great for capturing your notes, jotting down your daily thoughts, and creating doodle works of art.

In addition to having lined pages to write, small doodle images are at the bottom of each page. Also, larger doodle images with an inspiring word or phrase are found in different parts of the journal.

Enhance each doodle image by connecting lines and shapes that appear on the page and you can extend your doodle to the edges of each page. Take it a step further and use colored pencils to jazz up your artwork.

Go for it!

Professor Credo® Doodle & Write

  • ISBN:9780986088056
    5.5"x8.5" Perfect Bound
    100 pages: (2 introduction pages, 87 lined pages with doodles on bottom of each page and 11 full doodle images)

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